Broadcasting Live




Tonight we had our very first dinner at our lot!  We’re currently sitting where our deck would be and taking in the sights and sounds and dreaming of what it will be like with a house taking up a good portion of the lot in place of all these crazy weeds.


5 thoughts on “Broadcasting Live

  1. Melody Buczynski

    Looks awesome, glad your also enjoying your Christmas presents. Hope to be there with you in the future!

  2. Fiona

    So fun! Does your lot have a view? Also, on your setback post- I totally feel you there! We had a ton of extra stuff come up with permits and re-designs and when we started we had a driveway issue and I am sorry to say it keeps happening! lol. We just did our walk through with the electrician and we had way too few lights so thats +$1,055. Bam! It’s like…. insane how many checks I write. When do you think you guys will break ground?

  3. Niki Post author

    Hi Fiona! The lot looks down at the historic main little strip in our town and then at the hills beyond but its not a crazy view or anything. We are totally in the same situation about not having enough lights in our house too and here in California they make you put in so much fluorescent lighting its disgusting, lol. Were *hoping* to break ground in a couple weeks…we have about 10 days before we close on our loan and then expect a week or two of waiting for the city to work on our final plan corrections. A couple weeks still feels like FOREVER. I’m beyond anxious to see some progress like what’s going on at your house!!

  4. Jared

    Just stumbled across your site and look forward to seeing your progress! It sounds like we are near the same point in the process. We just closed yesterday on the construction loan and break ground next week. Elevations of your place look great!


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